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#1 Top Rated Private Investigator Serving South Florida

Private Investigator | Nation-Wide & Global. Corporate, Civil. Criminal.

FL Agency License # A1600302

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Our investigators can find out the truth about your spouse in a fairly short amount of time. We can conduct a full investigation into your spouse's activities and provide you with a detailed report and evidence. Request a consult and let us find out for you!


Background Checks

Our comprehensive reports are clear and have a wealth of information. If there is anything you need to know about a specific individual, it will be included in our comprehensive report.

Background Check.JPG

Fraud Investigations

We have highly skilled investigators that can efficiently perform a successful fraud investigation, obtaining the key evidence you need.  Upon conclusion of our investigation, a quality report and all evidence obtained are gauranteed.

Fraud Image.jpg

Child Custody Investigations

We can quickly uncover the evidence you need for your custody case, with minimal cost to you. Other companies will charge you thousands, with no guarantee of finding what you need.

We are a unique company because we pride ourselves on finding out accurate and correct information, which we provide directly to our clients with the highest degree of privacy and security. Our agency was started by several seasoned investigators who had a vision to provide transparent and reliable investigative services with honesty and integrity. You can be sure that whether you are seeking domestic services or business services, the quality of the services you receive will be the same. We communicate with our clients every step of the way, in order to ensure that the products and services we are providing will meet their specific needs. Simply put, you are the customer and it is our goal to provide you with a satisfactory product. 
Our services feature the most advanced investigative tools, databases and technology used in the industry, and our final investigative Advantage Overview™ report is a cut above our competitors, with greater detail, accuracy and quality of information. We go above and beyond to provide any additional information that can be useful to our clients, and ensure that we always provide extra value.

We protect the confidentiality of information with every client. Safeguarding your information is our number one priority.

Our talent pool consists of licensed private investigators, who have been trained to investigate civil and corporate matters. It is our guarantee that we will perform a thorough and accurate investigation.

We ensure that individualized services are provided to each of our highly valued clients based on their specific needs. If there are any additional services that you would like to request, we can provide them.

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